One is Better Then Two for Spring 2009

If you are in the market for a dress for a wedding or a special occasion, consider getting your self a one-shoulder dress and show off those sexy shoulders and back! The one-shoulder dress trend has been on the rise. The asymmetric neckline is striking and bold and is coming back. Yes I said coming back as in it’s been here before… the trend is not a new one to fashion, it has been around for thousands of years, back when Greek goddesses were draped in togas. Now a days we have a lot more to choose from then just the toga look.

Here are some of my favorite celebrity one-shoulder looks for inspiration:


Get the look for less!

Fabulous finds for under $100. Continue reading

Hello from Los Angeles…


I’ll be stopping by every now and then with some of my finds out here in Los Angeles…thanks Lush360 for having me!

I live and work in downtown L.A., and let me tell you, it is nice to get to walk to work every day! I watch the news as I get ready for work and feel so lucky that I’m not like all the other Angelenos, commuting across town in their car, fighting with traffic and diminishing their lifespan over stress. What price do I pay in exchange for this stress-free commute? Looking fashionable, is pretty tough to pull off when you’re wearing white sneakers with your killer work-outfit. It looks pretty silly! I refused to be one of those other girls walking around with white sneakers, so I bought myself a pair of ballerina flats that would match with virtually any outfit and were comfortable to walk in.

The only problem with wearing flats is that I was ruining my nice work pants that had been hemmed to perfection for my heels. I was dragging them up and down Fourth Street and it hurt me dearly to see them slowly start to get ruined to the point where they were eventually unwearable. I tried stapling my pants, paper clipping them, rolling them up, but to no avail.

In come Zakkerz!!! Zakkerz are my new best friends and were created by two girls who commuted to work in New York. They solved the pant destruction dilemma by coming up with an effective, temporary pant roll-up wrap. They’re discreet so that you can maintain your fierceness on your way to work.

Check out their website:pic16344

Get Ready for Spring by Cleaning…

I just spent the last 2 hours cleaning out my closet!  It wasn’t fun, but it was effective and I feel awesome now.  The general rule of thumb is to throw out (or give away) anything in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn within the last year.  You should also toss anything that has faded or white shirts that get the yellow stains from your deoderant.

Not only will you feel completely organized when it is done, but it is a good evaluation of what your wardrobe is missing.  I guess now I am motivated to shop with $$$ I don’t have..:)

Remember if the clothes you don’t want anymore are in good condition, give back to a charity.  There should be donation drop off boxes in any major city (google clothing donation sites).  You could also drop them off at your local Salvation Army or in my case I called Amvets and they are picking up the clothes on March 6th (That was EASY).  Not only are you helping yourself, but you are helping others.  If you can’t bare to part with or donate an expensive item in LIKE NEW condition , try selling it on EBAY.  I had a BEBE shirt I spent $60.00 on last year and I wore it twice.  I got the shirt dry cleaned and re-sold it on Ebay for $55.00.  Not a bad deal at all.

When I cleaned out my closet; I also noticed what clothes I had that were still in style, but are now too small for me because of my winter weight gain.  Looking at these clothes definitely motivated me to keep up with my workouts and eating right.

It was refreshing to walk into my closet after all was said and done.  This is a suggestion for you to do the same! While the cleaning itself SUCKS, it is well worth it for the relief and accomplishment  you feel after its done.  Happy Cleaning!!

Think Outside the Box!

amayaMy 15-month-old daughter Amaya is not just my little fashionista in training but she is also musically inclined, at least my hubby and I like to think so. At the very least our little girl’s got rhythm! My husband swears it’s the Hispanic in her (he’s Colombian) and I say it’s the Russian in her! (Have you seen those Russian dancers on So You Think You Can Dance!)

Ever since she was about 6 months old she would start dancing to any music that she heard. But one of her favorite songs is the theme song to Showtime’s Weeds, another favorite of hers is the theme song to HBO’s Big Love. Every time she hears these songs, she stops what she’s doing, runs up to the TV, and starts wiggling her butt to the beat. I hope her choice in music does not indicate that she will become a weed-smoking polygamist, but rather that she just appreciates a catchy melody.

So as I was playing “Little Boxes” for her to calm her down from one of her tantrums, I was inspired to write a post about it. The theme song to Weeds is “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds, although there are several versions that the show uses by different artists. There’s even a Russian version of it, which I was totally excited about.

The reason why I’m sharing this with you, is because if you listen to the lyrics, it’s very inspiring. I really “got it” after watching the intro a million times when my hubby and I rented the first 3 seasons one weekend. It inspires you to think and be outside the box… OR it may just make you depressed because you will realize you ARE whom the song is about.

If that is the case, I’m hear to tell you try and spice it up a bit to get out of the rut. Try something different! Weather it be your wardrobe style, daily routine or the little things like getting your coffee at Dunkin Donuts when you ALWAYS go to Starbucks! If our life becomes too predictable, it will become boring. Everyone needs a little adventure in their life. Check out the youtube video of the intro below to see what I’m talking about:

Another great way to change it up a bit is saying “yes” to things you normally would say “no” to. For example when your coworker asks you to go out after work for hump day, and you normally say “no” because that’s the day LOST is on, next time just be a dare devil and say YES! (But make sure you set your DVR to record LOST cause that’s a good ass show!) Anyone see the movie Yes Man with Jim Carey??? It’s an okay movie, but has a great message! “YES is the new NO”


NO, NO, NO, not that kind of bootie call, put your cell phone away! Finally our obsession with stylish boots for the winter season can be transitioned into the spring and fall months. With the unveiling of the bootie in spring of 2008, this year’s fashion week reveals the cutout bootie is here to stay for yet another year. So if you missed out last year get your pair for your spring wardrobe today.

Cutout booties are high-coverage booties but with the freedom of a sandal. Whether revealing the heel, open toe, cutout sides it’s a multi-seasonal bootie to instantly sexify your outfit!

Here are my favorites that I’d pair with skinny jeans, shorts or a cute dress. Even though I have Don Périon taste I can really only afford a case of Coronas. 🙂 bootie_call

a.Maison Martin Margiela

b. Sam Edelman Keaton Bootie

c. Sergio Rossi

d. WetSeal

Maintaining Your Pum Pum!

I want to start this out with a brief definition of “Pum Pum.” According to the definition of Pum Pum is

Pum Pum (pronounced Poom Poom)

(noun) 1. Jamaican term for the female sexual organ

e.g. “Mi haffi get pum pum tonight.”

I’ll use the word pum pum in this post in replace of “bush,” “vagina,” “pubic hair,” and/or “va-jay-jay” etc. Its my favorite word for my goodies introduced to me by Karina from Lush360 (my bff).

If you are offended easily you may want to stop reading at this point. I am here to talk about maintaining your pum pum hair. Its going to get ugly and somewhat vulgar…but nonetheless VERY entertaining and informative. 🙂 I also solemnly swear to not post pictures of my own pum pum (or anyone else’s)! Continue reading

Honoring La Cultura (honoring the culture)

Bilingual books & toys

As I open my mailbox expecting nothing but junk mail by the truckload I was pleasantly surprised to find a package waiting to be opened. Our dear friend Lisa from L.A. had sent my son a wonderful gift. It was a Frijolitos book & plush toy! Not knowing anything about what was inside this beautiful package I was thrilled to see it was a bilingual children’s book. It couldn’t come at a better time as my toddler is learning his native tongue (Spanish).


Frijolitos is a company run by a family of authors, artist and publishers based out of California. I believe they have really found a nitch in the ever-growing market of bilingual products. Frijolitos are truly unique bilingual educational books. Not only will the books bring the plush toy alive but most importantly teach the young readers the true value of family, friends, culture and themselves while learning Spanish words throughout the story.

I have definitely become a fan of Frijolitos and will be purchasing all of their books for my son’s library. We both can’t wait to meet all the great characters! I highly recommend you start your collection today, this product gets my stamp of approval!

Thanks Lisa for a cherished gift. 

Crease No More

One of my New Years Resolutions is to revamp my entire makeup collection and I decided that this year I would invest in high quality brands.

mac_263x3872One of my first purchases towards the revamping of my makeup collection was the Paint Pot from MAC that I now completely swear by!  The MAC Paint Pots are highly pigmented, longwearing cream-based eye shadows. They blend on smooth and creamy, and then set to a crease-proof finish. They are used as a base on the eyelids before applying your eye shadows. By using the Paint Pot as the base, prevents the eye shadow from creasing on your eyelids. And I don’t know about you, but after a few hours of having makeup on, my eye shadow always creased and faded. And not only does it prevent the creasing, it makes your eye shadow last all day long!

Paint Pots are only $16.50 for 0.17 fl oz. jar, and I use the Painterly color. The MAC website says to apply with MAC Brush #217 but I just use my ring finger to apply.

Mac Paint Pots are highly luscious! Go out and get some and see for your self!


Comeback of the High Top!

High tops are totally in, whether you like it or not! And I’m not talking about Kid n’ Play’s high top fade :)….


I’m talking about the freshest kicks in urban fashion. So while you may have some horrible flashbacks to your awkward years wearing above the knee jean shorts and unattractive Reebok 80’s high tops, now a days they are much more… well… cooler!

Check out M.I.A., her style is oh-so-fly and she’s always sporting some high tops Continue reading

Fabiola’s Oscar Winners & Loser!

Angelina Jolie – Flawless
Oscar-nominated Angelina Jolie looked flawless in this cultivating strapless number by Elie Saab. The Best Actress nominee’s opted for a half-updo with cascading romantic curls that Continue reading