Comeback of the High Top!

High tops are totally in, whether you like it or not! And I’m not talking about Kid n’ Play’s high top fade :)….


I’m talking about the freshest kicks in urban fashion. So while you may have some horrible flashbacks to your awkward years wearing above the knee jean shorts and unattractive Reebok 80’s high tops, now a days they are much more… well… cooler!

Check out M.I.A., her style is oh-so-fly and she’s always sporting some high tops.


[Image source: – Photo by Mike Schreiber]

So our good friend and long distance fashion correspondent Lisa just emailed us from sunny LA with a great deal on a pair of Puma high tops that are totally kick-ass. Here’s what she has to say.

“Check these out…these are totally cool shoes and I’m seeing them more and
more on the street here:

They’re on sale for $59.99 on, I bought them a month ago for
$80 at a shoe place by my house…I should have waited!!

Also here are some other cool and colorful shoes to brighten up your wardrobe that are sold at at reasonable prices.

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