Honoring La Cultura (honoring the culture)

Bilingual books & toys

As I open my mailbox expecting nothing but junk mail by the truckload I was pleasantly surprised to find a package waiting to be opened. Our dear friend Lisa from L.A. had sent my son a wonderful gift. It was a Frijolitos book & plush toy! Not knowing anything about what was inside this beautiful package I was thrilled to see it was a bilingual children’s book. It couldn’t come at a better time as my toddler is learning his native tongue (Spanish).


Frijolitos is a company run by a family of authors, artist and publishers based out of California. I believe they have really found a nitch in the ever-growing market of bilingual products. Frijolitos are truly unique bilingual educational books. Not only will the books bring the plush toy alive but most importantly teach the young readers the true value of family, friends, culture and themselves while learning Spanish words throughout the story.

I have definitely become a fan of Frijolitos and will be purchasing all of their books for my son’s library. We both can’t wait to meet all the great characters! I highly recommend you start your collection today, this product gets my stamp of approval!

Thanks Lisa for a cherished gift. 

Crease No More

One of my New Years Resolutions is to revamp my entire makeup collection and I decided that this year I would invest in high quality brands.

mac_263x3872One of my first purchases towards the revamping of my makeup collection was the Paint Pot from MAC that I now completely swear by!  The MAC Paint Pots are highly pigmented, longwearing cream-based eye shadows. They blend on smooth and creamy, and then set to a crease-proof finish. They are used as a base on the eyelids before applying your eye shadows. By using the Paint Pot as the base, prevents the eye shadow from creasing on your eyelids. And I don’t know about you, but after a few hours of having makeup on, my eye shadow always creased and faded. And not only does it prevent the creasing, it makes your eye shadow last all day long!

Paint Pots are only $16.50 for 0.17 fl oz. jar, and I use the Painterly color. The MAC website says to apply with MAC Brush #217 but I just use my ring finger to apply.

Mac Paint Pots are highly luscious! Go out and get some and see for your self!