One is Better Then Two for Spring 2009

If you are in the market for a dress for a wedding or a special occasion, consider getting your self a one-shoulder dress and show off those sexy shoulders and back! The one-shoulder dress trend has been on the rise. The asymmetric neckline is striking and bold and is coming back. Yes I said coming back as in it’s been here before… the trend is not a new one to fashion, it has been around for thousands of years, back when Greek goddesses were draped in togas. Now a days we have a lot more to choose from then just the toga look.

Here are some of my favorite celebrity one-shoulder looks for inspiration:


Get the look for less!

Fabulous finds for under $100.


If you are completely broke, then maybe you have something in your closet that you can already use. Check out some tips on how to use what’s already in your closet from Jeanine (my favorite fashion blogger of all time!!!) from The Coveted.

Now I must say, the one-shoulder dress is not for everyone. I for one have been blessed with big girls that now post-baby are sporting a size D. I am not yet ready to pull out my strapless bras that are now hidden somewhere in my drawers. I need more support for the girls, and I would opt for a dress that would allow me to wear a more supportive bra… nothing worse then wearing a dress and your boobs are not where they are supposed to be! Strapless bras are already uncomfortable, and the bigger you are the worse it gets!

So what kind of dress would I wear??? … stay tuned!

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