GNO’s…A Must

GNO=Girl’s Night Out

Whether your single, dating, engaged, married, divorced, widowed, or a parent, you gotta keep up with your GNO’s. There was a time in my life where I did not value these gatherings with my girls and what a sad time this was.

I was insecure, lonely, & seclusive. I only worried about spending time with my ex becuase it was that “type” of relationship. In 2001 all of that changed. I was 20 years old and had gotten back in touch with some of my old friends from highschool (the very friends I write this blog with). While I had other GNO’s before, there was something about this year that changed me (for the better). Our first GNO was to Club One in a seedy area of Chicago. This night ended up being one of the most memorable nights of my life. We weren’t yet 21, but we are on a mission to look our best and dance our asses off! That we did. The club was like a highschool gym, but they played music we loved and we enjoyed the company of each other. By the end of the night we went back to Faby’s car and realized it had been broken into. The passenger side window was shattered and we had a long ride home. This disaster didn’t break our night. We were pissed and disappointed that it happened, but it didn’t deter us from planning the next GNO. This night was actually where it all began for me and it embedded such a priceless memory into my mind.

Here we are now, 8 years later. Since 2001 we have taken 3 GNO trips to Miami and had countless clubbing adventures in Chicago. Each time we go out, I am reminded of what a great group of friends we are.

I found my girls that liked to go to the same places I did. I have other girlfriends who don’t like to club and maybe we’ll go see a movie or just hang out at each other’s homes (it doesn’t matter what you do, the point is to do something!). Regardless of what we do, we our ourselves! If I would’ve stayed sheltered and insecure, I would’ve never had these memories or experiences. My husband is so supportive of the GNO’s. He understands that it is important for me to keep this bond with my friends and he does the same with his. From the ages of 15 and 20, I am full of regret for the time that was consumed by my ex. If I continued on that path, I would never be able to pass this advice along. Plan your GNO’s with your favorite girls. It is WORTH it. I truly feel my life is complete because I have an equal balance of love and friendship. There are no regrets anymore and I have thousands of pictures to prove how much fun we have.

Carpe Diem or “Seize the Day.” I encourage all ladies to take time out for their frienships and make plans!

2006 Lisa’s Bachelorette Party

Miami 2003

A GNO with Cousins & Sisters!

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  1. I love GNO’s!! They are definitely needed every so often!!

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