Save Your Shoes & $$$

I know that after spending the amount of money that I do on shoes, I want to keep them nice and new forever.  I got a great pair of boots from Macy’s in December. When I was in Vegas this past February, the Bellagio escalator ate the rubber part at the bottom of my heel (I guess these are technically called heel taps?).  If I was an impulse buyer with money to blow, I would’ve bought a new pair of boots; however  I don’t have the mula to do that, so I called on Phil the Shoe Repairman!

With the economy right now, the shoe repair business is BOOMING and why wouldn’t it be?  Many of the shoes you wear to work are classic styles that you continue to wear for a good amount of time.  Its really unnecessary to buy NEW shoes when your old/current ones can be fixed at a WAY lower rate.

It will cost about $12.00 to have my shoes fixed versus the $85.00-$90.00 I would have to pay for NEW knee high boots.    You can find shoe repairmen/women in your area by searching the index in your local phone book or of course by googling it here on the web.

Take a look in your closet to see what shoes you can revive.  It is worth it!

3 Responses

  1. I am glad you were able to get them fixed. Those boots are hot!

  2. Is it really that cheap? I just threw my BCBGs away after bending my heel in half . I didn’t think a bent heel was repairable and if it was I figure it would’ve been a fortune to fix it anyway. I should’ve checked.

    Now that I think about it, I should’ve kept at least the good one and placed it on a display shelf at home.

  3. I’ve done that with a few of my boots as well. The rubber on the heals were wearing away to point where you could almost see the metal and the shoe repair man replaced it. I would advise not to let the shoes get that bad though. He also buffed the shoes and polished them:)

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