Ebay Buyers BEWARE!!!

macIf you have read my previous Crease No More post, you would know I am on a mission to revamp my makeup collection. And one of the brands I want to invest in is MAC. This is one of the best cosmetic brands used by makeup artists and if you have anything MAC you would know why.

maclipstickglossFor example I absolutely love their Lipglass. I’ve had a few here and there over the years, and while trying other brands, I’ve always returned to using MAC. Not only are the colors fabulous, the gloss stays on forever! I recently just purchased the Viva Glam Lipglass, with the Angel Lipstick at the MAC store along with the Paint Pot. I apply the lipstick first, and finish off with the gloss. The combination gives me the perfect tint that I love.

So being the shopper-on-a-budget that I am, I decided to check out Ebay for additional cosmetic necessities, such as brushes and eye shadows. I’m a confident Ebay shopper, I have purchased and sold several things and have never had a problem in the 6 years I’ve been an “ebayer”. I always check out a seller’s feedback, and only purchase from people who have great feedback.

ebay1 is swarming with MAC products. I spent days placing items on watch and seeing how much they were going for. I couldn’t believe the great deals, and how much money I would potentially save on purchasing MAC on Ebay. One eye shadow at the MAC store/website is $14.50 a pop, and I was finding palettes with lots and lots of eye shadows for such great prices! I was so excited that I bid on a palette similar to this one below when there was 3 minutes left in the auction and I won it for a great steal of $31.02 + $6.00 s&h!!!


I couldn’t wait to get my eye shadows in the mail. And a week or so later, they arrived! As I opened up the packaging, everything looked spectacular, the outer box, logo and case all look authentic. But for some reason I had an urge to go upstairs to my computer and google “MAC Cream Eye shadows”…

And guess what pulls up!

A bunch of forums with people ranting about how MAC does not make a line called “C.R.E.A.M.” and how all these palettes on Ebay are FAKE!!!!! Well as you can imagine I was peeved off. I quickly logged onto my Ebay account, left the seller a super negative feedback, and reported them! Ultimately it is totally my fault. I should have done the research, all I had to do is google it! After my initial shock of realizing I have been bamboozled, I tried to make light of it, and see if maybe they were good eye shadows after all and I can still use them. The quality of these eye shadows is horrendous! They absolutely SUCK. Wouldn’t even use them for Halloween. That’s all I have to say about that.

The funny thing is that these palettes are being sold like hot cakes! On my auction, there were 26 bidders. People are buying these left and right. The sellers are so clever how they post things too. They always say it’s MAC, “used by professional makeup artists” and what’s even more misleading is all these sellers have outstanding feedback.

Learn from my mistake and do your research on everything you buy from Ebay! I will still buy and sell things on Ebay, but I will never buy MAC from there, there are way too many fake MAC products out there.

Now I probably have to hear an ear full from my hubby after he reads this post, and give me the business for getting bamboozled. Hopefully he’ll skip this post and not read… 😮

Here’s a few great links on how to spot a fake!




There’s even YouTube videos on the subject!!!


2 Responses

  1. OMG thats terrible thanks for sharing I’ll def keep an eye out, sorry to hear about being scammed tho’ but its great that now you are helping others,

    Much love,
    Glendy- Style Amor

  2. Let’s get the word out! This is a big rip off, sellers are charging very high prices but what you get is a knock off! I also got ripped off in ebay. Hope this will stop soon. — Dreamy Di, dreamcafe.wordpress.com

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