Tip of the Day – Greasy Hair is a No No

Washing your hair everyday is not good for your locks. Hair professionals have been advising us to skip shampooing probably since shampoo was invented! It dries them out and not to mention that your natural oils are good for your hair.

More and more people are just going to the salon once-a-week for a shampoo and make it last all week long! (and it’s not just the old ladies).

Check out this article in the NY Times:
“Today, as textured locks and full hair begin to eclipse the ironed and Japanese-straightened styles that were previously in vogue, weekly visits to salons are more common among women who were born since the Eisenhower administration. Women say it cuts down on bathroom time by eliminating daily blow-drying and is an excuse for more pampering when everything else has been polished and waxed.

“There’s this whole new breed of young fashionable girls who are getting that once-a-week shampoo and blow dry and just milking it,” said Johnny Lavoy, the owner of Moda-Rey Salon and Spa in West Hartford, Conn. They grew up, he said, “thinking you have to wash your hair every time you shower, but they’re realizing that natural oils are good for the hair.””

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Color Me Mellow Yellow

The official “It” color of Spring this year is yellow, from a greenish-yellow to banana yellow. While there are plenty of tops and dresses in this sunflower hue, the easiest way to wear bright yellow is to pick it up in bracelets, belts, bags or other accessories.


what [NOT] to wear to work!


In corporate America when did casual Fridays become every day wear?  As I leave a meeting I noticed a few articles of clothing walking past me that should not be in the work place.  I started to think, what the hell are they thinking wearing that to work, have they not read the dress code policy? There is a time and place for everything but wearing any of these items to work even on casual Fridays are a BIG NO-NO!

1.  Flip-Flops – There you are focused on your project and “SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP!” as someone walks by your office.  There is a reason why they’re not allowed in the office, they are just TOO DAMN LOUD. Lets keep these at the beach and not in the office.

2.  Sweats/sweat outfits – J.Lo may have made these fashionable like 8 years ago but they are a no-no.  If you are comfortable in what you’re wearing while sitting on your couch watching TV you should probably not wear it to the office.

3.  Ripped Jeans – From exposing a knee or an ass cheek, ripped jeans are not acceptable.

4.  Navel Tops – Need I say more?

5.  Shorts, Mini Skirts – As hot as it may get, chances are the air conditioning is blowing away.  Rule of thumb, never wear anything 1” above your knees to work.

6.  Muffin Top – Not flattering.  Not only does it make you appear larger than you actually are, muffin tops are uncomfortable to sport and to look at.

7.  Cleavage – Keep the girls packed and locked away and in the bedroom.

8.  Strong Perfume – If you want to let someone know you’re coming,  set up a meeting.  Don’t make a bold statement with your choice of scent.

9.  Bright Colors – when in doubt wear neutral colors. This means your make up too.

The bottom line:  Your appearance can keep you from getting hired or be the reason for you getting fired.  From slapping your heels to looking too sexy they are not corporate looks and neither are toes. Lets keep it classy.  Here is an outfit that would be acceptable to wear on casual Friday’s.
casual_friday_wear[photos:gettyimages.com | polyvore.com | gettyimages.com]