Tip of the Day – Greasy Hair is a No No

Washing your hair everyday is not good for your locks. Hair professionals have been advising us to skip shampooing probably since shampoo was invented! It dries them out and not to mention that your natural oils are good for your hair.

More and more people are just going to the salon once-a-week for a shampoo and make it last all week long! (and it’s not just the old ladies).

Check out this article in the NY Times:
“Today, as textured locks and full hair begin to eclipse the ironed and Japanese-straightened styles that were previously in vogue, weekly visits to salons are more common among women who were born since the Eisenhower administration. Women say it cuts down on bathroom time by eliminating daily blow-drying and is an excuse for more pampering when everything else has been polished and waxed.

“There’s this whole new breed of young fashionable girls who are getting that once-a-week shampoo and blow dry and just milking it,” said Johnny Lavoy, the owner of Moda-Rey Salon and Spa in West Hartford, Conn. They grew up, he said, “thinking you have to wash your hair every time you shower, but they’re realizing that natural oils are good for the hair.””

A. I’m super excited that full and textured locks are back as I for one have textured and full hair!
B. I really need to cut down on bathroom time!

But if you’re anything like me, and go a day without washing your hair, you become a grease ball! I really would LOVE to not have to wash my hair everyday. My hair is so high maintenance, it’s wavy, frizzy and full of volume. And if I just have to do it every other day it would be so helpfull. I even just recently chopped off my beautiful long hair that I now miss so much, in the hopes of cutting down on bathroom time. I was wrong… it takes just as long to do my hair if not longer! I am now growing out my hair… again.

So I have been experimenting with this phenomena of not washing my hair every day, and I’ve come across a few tricks that help me not be such a grease ball. There are a few things that I do and use several products. I’ve recently been using Pantene ProV products and these seem to work really well with my hair. You might have to experiment with different product to find a good fit for your particular hair.

Here’s what I do:

-After washing my hair, I use the Pantene ProV Volume Mouse and apply it through my damp hair. This adds body, fullness and shine. I notice that when I use the mouse on my damp hair, after I style it is always less frizzy and a lot more silky and easy to straighten.

-I then spray (this is key) the Pantene Root Lifter throughout at my roots. This also adds volume. I don’t really notice it adding any additional volume to my hair, but I do notice I am way LESS greasy at the roots the next day!

-24 hours later the next day, my hair is less greasy then if I didn’t use the two products above. On the 2nd day I will usually tease my hair and style. I notice when you tease, this also helps not look greasy. I tease my hair, spraying the sections with the Pantene Volume Hairspray.

And Wala! The 2nd day looks just as good as the 1st!

I will let you know if I figure out a way to go a whole week…. Baby steps. Or if anyone is out there that has some tips, please share!!!!!

One Response

  1. Karina, this is a great post! You definitely need baby steps with not washing you hair. Eventually you hair won’t even appear greasy after 3 days without washing. It took my hair about 6 months to get used to. When I first started delaying washing my hair, I would use a very small amount of baby powder on my roots to make them appear less greasy. I am now up to not washing my hair for 3 days!
    Hairspray/teasing also helps. The hairspray will help dry out your roots.

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