Killer Lashes for Less!!

At my wedding this past October, I wanted my make up to look perfect! I played around with the idea of getting false eyelashes applied professionally, but I was worried about them falling off during the ceremony in an embarassing moment. The morning of the big day, I talked to the make up artist and she assured me the lashes would stay on all day, so I moved forward with getting them applied.

It was a great decision on my part! The lashes looked flawless and I was amazed at the difference it made to the appearance of my eyes. I actually became slightly obsessesed..LOL. I washed my face SO carefully the next day so my lashes would remain intact and THEY DID! I didn’t even wear make up the entire next day, but the lashes gave the illusion that I was wearing make up. Here is a pic of me in August with just eyeshadow, mascara and my natural lashes . The picture on the right is from October with NO make up (but more tan) and false lashes.

When my false lashes finally came off after 5 days, I already couldn’t wait to the next time I could get them applied. I got the lashes applied for $30 at Mario Tricoci Salon for my wedding, and I realized I could not afford to get them done weekly or even once a month. I decided to do some research on my own. I was shopping at Target and went to the make up aisle. I found a set of individual lashes (which the make up artist used for my wedding) and I could remember clearly how she put them on. With some determination, my own tweezers and only $7.00 ($3.99 for the set of lashes & $3.00 for the adhesive) I decided to put the false eyelashes on myself. I am not gonna lie, it was tough the first time I tried applying them. I called my little sister over for help and we figured it out. Since that time, I have done the self eyelash applicatios MANY times and it gets easier and quicker each time.

I usually get the flare short black individual lashes by DuraLash (pictured below), but you could also buy the strips (rather then the individual lashes) and has a HUGE selection of costume lashes if you are looking for a drastic change.

Everytime you see your favorite celebrity at a red carpet event, I can guarantee they are sporting the fake lashes. Its a cheap alternative to make your eyes look phenomenal & sexy! I am also including some youtube tutorials below for both strip & individual lashes that will help you get started.


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