Alexander McQueen Fall 2009

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Despite of what your initial reaction might be, these are not images from a horror film.

It’s the British bad boy designer Alexander McQueen, who delivered an extraordinary show in Paris. He’s the most innovative designer out there, who is not affraid to express his creativity in such a dramatic, somewhat disturbing, yet extremely artistic way. That disturbing factor and the designers ability to take chances is what makes him stand out.

While obviously these pieces are not for everyday wear, and are over the top couture and high fashion for runway purposes, I can’t help but admire the art in them. And the show itself is like watching a play. Hope one day I can see it live for myself!

Admiring these pieces is like admiring a famous abstract painting; your not quite sure what to make of it, but you just know it’s something grand!


Gotta give it up to those models too, for not falling on their asses wearing these shoes!


Check out Alexander McQueen’s McQ Target line for affordable high fashion looks!

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One Response

  1. This man is a genius, genius, GENIUS!!!

    Such a spectacle it’s great. Love that you Love it!

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