J-Lo Fashion NO NO!


Oh no JLO, NO!!!! Why did you have to go there? The curvy fashionista has commited a big NO NO… in my eyes at least. Here she was snapped in an airport in Tokyo Japan, sporting the new fad in fashion, the Harem pants. This style was, to my dismay, all over runways at New York Fashion Week.

080911-fashion-week-harem-4pwidecWhile the skinny runway models somehow pull this look off, Jennifer does not! These pants are so unflattering on her making her look like she’s got huge thighs and butt! She’s already working with a lot of junk in her trunk, and usually she knows how to work her curves, so it was very dissapointing to see her in this.

This is a perfect example on when females wear what is trendy and “in”, not paying attention weather or not it is flattering for their figure. Please ladies, PLEASE don’t just follow the trend!

We are going to see this look  A LOT in 2009, I’m hoping and praying though it will pass. I’m not fond of it, maybe because I am curvy, and these will not be flattering on me, and it’s just too much Hammer circa 1990 for me. So you will NOT see me wearing this. I think if you are slender, and blessed with a petite frame you may be able to pull this off. It may even add curves to those who are lacking in that department. But if you are heavy on the bottom, and are packing 20lbs extra, I say skip this trend and move on!

Here is a picture where I feel the model totally pulls off the look. But she also weighs as much as my left leg. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating… but you get my point.


[image source: yahoo.com, msnbc.com, niemanmarcus.com]

3 Responses

  1. You have a totally retarded view of what a good body is.
    You are bashing J-lo’s figure? What the hell is wrong with you? She may have one of the most sought after bodies in the world and you like to say she has TOO MUCH junk in the trunk? Umm, that was kind of a stupid thing to write.

    Although she looks a little odd with those pants in that photo, it isn’t because she is big, its because she is wearing them with those high scrunchy boots which clearly doesn’t work because of the contrast of wrinkles: vertical in the pants, horizontal in the boots.

    • Hi! Thanks for your feedback. I love J-Lo’s figure and was not trying to bash her at all. I was simply stating the harem pants were unflattering on her. agree with your comments on the boots too.
      We appreciate you reading the post.

  2. J-LO has the worlds fattest ass, and she is not even hot.

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