Find the Perfect Swimsuit for the Not So Perfect Body

img-thingSummer is quickly on it’s way, it will be hear before you know it! So it’s time to think about the perfect swimsuit for those hot summer days at the pool. Some of us do dread this though. If you are a skinny minny that looks fabulous in bikinis, (with the risk of sounding bitter LOL) good for you, but, this post is NOT for you!

I’m here to talk to girls such as myself. How can I put this delicately… girls who may or may not need to loose 20lbs or more, who have an after baby-pouch, who have developed cellulite, who need support for their tattas cause they’ve spent the last 6 months breast feeding their infants, who may have stretch marks all over their once perfect body from having gained 30-50lbs within a 9 month period, who perhaps were bikini wearers at one point, but now would rather die then show their midriff, ext.

But despite of the title of this post (I just wanted to get your attention) I am not hear to tell you your body is not perfect! You are beautiful no matter what, beauty comes from within. So no matter how you think you may look on the outside, it’s the way you portray yourself. If you feel fabulous, it will show up and in turn people will see that you ARE in fact fabulous! No matter what size. Confidence is key, and in order to build that confidence, especially in a swimsuit, you have to feel comfortable and sexy in what your wearing.

So don’t go buying those dreadful one piece suits that make you look like an old lady. There are so many great one piece styles out there to choose from that are trendy, youthful, and FLATTERING! Here are a few of my favorites.

This one is the one I got from Macy’s last year, which I absolutely love! I got it in Black, but it comes in several colors.


Here are some more of my favorites:


5 Responses

  1. I LOVE these one piece suits you have here! They are not the granny type that one usually imagines when you think of one piece bathing suits! Looks like it’s time to go shopping!

  2. Loved the one with the cherries where would I find that suit?

  3. Where is the blue swimsuiet from?

    • The blue swimsuit is from Victoria Secret. If you click on the image it will take you directly to the page.

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