Pum Pum Cleanliness..

pin-up-cleaning1-204x300So we already went over pum pum maintenance back in February, sorry I left ya’ll hanging this long!  Hopefully your pum pum is maintained, but much more important then maintenance is the cleanliness of your pum pum!

This is no joke people and I guess no one really talks about it; however a guy friend of mine (we’ll call him John to protect his identity), told me about an ex of his that had a stinky pum pum.  I know it sounds terrible and disturbing, but John being the forward man he is went out and bought his women powders, soaps and douches to help solve the problem.   Did they help??  The answer is “NO” they didn’t help per John.  What could it be then??  Lets take a look at a couple things every woman should & should NOT be doing to avoid such a dreadful condition of pum pum stink.

  • Think Before You Stink:  This isn’t brain surgery:  Shower daily people and clean EVERYWHERE!!  Use a gentle,  unscented, white bar soap to wash your pum pum.  From http://www.cwhn.ca: “Your vagina is a self-cleaning organ and has its own protective substances. The safest and best way to clean your vagina is to let it clean itself. Wash your vulva (the entrance to your vagina) daily with warm water. Avoid using scented soaps.”
  • While you were probably grossed out reading about someone with a smelly pum pum, it is serious stuff.  If your pum pum does have a foul odor, it is LIKELY you have an infection and I strongly advise you see your doctor immediately.   On this note, visit your gynecologist once a year too.  I know it sucks and of course its awkward to be spread eagle on a table with someone examining your woo-ha, but it’s really the smart thing to do for your health.  If you have never been to the gyne, ask your friends for their recommendations on who you can make an appointment with.
  • Now back to my friend, John… He was going out and buying special soaps, douches and powders for his woman’s pum pum mess.  Bless John’s heart, this is not good for women and it won’t help the odor.  In fact, using these items could cause infection in your pum pum. All the research I have done is the same across the board: Douches, Feminine Powder and Scented Soaps are NOT necessary and should NOT be used.   These items also alter the natural chemical balance of the pum pum and prevents the self cleansing of the organ. I am sure to this day that John’s ex had some sort of vaginal infection that she should’ve visited her doctor for.

Ladies, I’m not questioning anyone’s pum pum cleanliness and I definitely don’t want ANYONE to make a case about how “clean” their pum pum is!  I thought this research was really interesting and it is very consistant across the board. Every website, friend, or doctor, I went to gave the same suggestions on how to take care (healthwise) of your pum pum.  Here are some great tips from http://www.cwhn.ca (these same tips are found all over the web)

  • wear only cotton underwear
  • change pads and tampons regularly – at least every 4-8 hours
  • avoid vaginal sprays and deodorants
  • use only unscented pads and tampon
  • explore alternatives to using pads and tampons
  • remove damp swim wear and sports clothes as soon as possible
  • avoid tight-fitting clothes and wearing synthetic materials next to your skin;
  • wipe from front to back after urinating or having a bowel movement; and
  • avoid long exposure to hot sweaty conditions like saunas and aerobics.
  • sleep without underwear on

More Pum Pum Power for ya… not only keeping the pum pum classy, but healthy too!!


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