The Sex Talk

I’m a huge fan of Oprah and watch her show regularly. Last week she did two shows on having the Sex Talk with your kids. I have a 17 months old daughter, and although she’s too young for this talk, my ears perk up and I take mental notes for the future. Dr. Laura Berman, a sex therapist that actually used to be a regular on Eddie & JoBo morning show on B96 (Chicago’s local radio station), was now on Oprah talking about how to have the conversation with your son or daughter.

She had great tips on how to arm your child with knowledge that will guide them well into adulthood. She encourages parents to start the line of communication about sex with their kids at an early age (approximately 10 years-old). “They want a sense from a very early age, not so much about the nuts and bolts about sex, but that it’s okay to ask questions about their body,” Dr. Berman says. “If you wait to have that one big talk until they’re 13, 14, it’s often too late.” Which I totally agree with and I am a huge supporter of talking about the subject early!

As your child hits high school she suggests to have another big talk about masturbation and orgasms. “This is something that’s normal and natural, and if you’re talking to a girl from a young age about this, it’s a natural thing.” she says. “You’re teaching them about their own body and pleasuring themselves and taking the reins of their own sexuality so that they don’t ever have to depend on any other teenage boy to do it for them.” I felt like that was a great point! She’s all about raising young girls to be sexually empowered and not depending on a guy, and that’s something I would like for my daughter as she gets older.

While I feel like she makes great points and I learned a lot, I don’t necessarily feel that I would have to go into detail about masturbation or sex toys at the age of 14, the way Dr. Berman encourages. I’m all about starting the communication lines flowing at an early age and getting the point across that masturbation is normal blah blah blah… but do I really have to explain to her how to do it or get her sex toys??? I mean don’t kids figure this out on their own? And no one under 18 should really own a sex toy, that’s just weird!

What do you guys think? Anyone else watched the show? Would love to get other people’s input with young daughter out there! In the meantime, I’m glad I had a c-section, because if my daughter asks me at the age of 3 where she came from, I can just point to the scar on my belly! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Hi nice blog 🙂 I can see a lot of effort has been put in.

  2. jajaja…

    I think it was a great show and I liked the idea of being open with your children both boys and girls…

    yeah… I am not so sure about getting the sex toys and the condoms…

    I agree with the idea of protecting themselves and not depending on the guy or the girl for the protection or contraception…

    I liked it and I think women should feel and need to be empowered sexually… !

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