With more then 200 MILLION active users, Facebook is sweeping the nation. My college aged cousins introduced me to Facebook about 2 1/2 years ago. I had a myspace and still do, but when I started on Facebook it was more appealing (for some reason or other) to keep in touch with people. Now that I have had a facebook for some time, there are some questions I have to ask:

  • Did Facebook replace our 10 year reunions? I am 27, so this year will be my 10 year reuninon. I am not sure if I am going yet. I was planning on it, but then I realized that I have seen so many people on facebook that I already know what my classmates are up to and what they look like now. I know not everyone from my class has a facebook though. Its a new concept though, our parents or even my husband who is 34 didn’t have facebook when they were my age. They lost touch with their classmates/old friends and now is their first oppurtunity to get caught up. I am just wondering if Facebook ruined the surprise of reunions…
  • Do sites like Facebook and MySpace motivate you to do better for yourself? So now you are seeing all these people you haven’t talked to in years… Some people are travelling the world, some people have graduate degrees, some people have oodles of children. Does this make you want to do more for yourself? Maybe you are homebody but a former friend posts all these pictures of their FUN times going out. Does this make you want to take a chance?? I think this is a GOOD thing. These social sites can wake up the Debbie Downers out there.
  • Does everyone have a Facebook/Myspace Stalker who is all up in your bidness??? I mean I really don’t have much more to say about this…I think we all know what I am saying….
  • Does Facebook/Myspace sites now intefer with your relationships? Do you think cheating is on the rise thanks to these sites? Or maybe not even cheating, but more fights are caused because of these social networking sites? I don’t know specific stats and I am not making outlandish accusations. Bless my husband’s heart, he tells me every time a member of the opposite sex gets in touch with him and because he makes the effort to keep me informed, I do the same. I do see though that jealousy may sprout in some relationships if your communication is not open.

Overall, I think that these sites are a plus for our generations. We are so much more updated on what is going on in friends/classmates/family’s lives. My father in law who is 58 joined Facebook and tried to get in touch with an old girlfriend from highschool. He could not find her, but found her brother. When my father in law went to Vietnam his ex girlfriend moved to Florida. In those days, there wasn’t the internet to look up old friends and they lost touch. When he did find her brother, he found out that his ex girlfriend had passed away in the late 1990’s. It was a sad story to hear. I realized our generation is so lucky to be able to talk to our old friends so easily now a days.

Use these sites for the right reasons and don’t make too big of a deal out of them. They were made for enjoyment-not drama!! If you are not on these sites and want to get in touch with old friends, I really encourage you to do so. I am so thankful for the people I talk to on FB and MS.

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