Eco-Chic…. Is it just a marketing scheme?


Everyone is going ga-ga over eco-chic designers. In honor of Earth Day I want to pose this question: What does eco-chic mean? Is it just a marketing scheme or are these designers really making a difference and are their intentions in the right place?

On I found an article that states “Eco chic is a term becoming increasingly prevelant – it simply means a combination of trendiness and environment. Eco chic is not just the perceived environmental impact of what you wear/have, but how it was made and the hip factor of the company producing it – with the latter being down to effective marketing. While it seems the latest essential fashion accessory is a social conscience, eco chic can be as much, if not more, about social status as it is about environment.” I can’t help but agree with this statement.Why does it have to be a social status thing? These pricey brands are making me feel like I can’t afford to be “eco-chic”.

I don’t understand why someone would pay $30 for a basic hemp tote that has an eco-chic designer logo, when you can find the same hemp tote for $7.50 that’s unbranded, and of the same quality. Just because it’s “eco-chic” why do we have to suffer the consequenses with our green dollars? As far as I’m concerned more brands should strive to make it more affordable to encourage more consumers to buy organic and eco-friendly items, after all it’s for our environment isn’t it? Or is this cause lost? And has it just become what’s “in”?

There are some great brands out there though that have good intentions and are really for the cause. Target, my weekly shopping spot, has just launched a limited-time collection from the organic clothing company Loomstate. “The inspiration for Loomstate is our appreciation and respect for the natural world,” says one of the founders Scott Hahn. Beyond beautiful design, their apparel also has a deeper meaning. “We are honored to again extend the sustainable method that drives our design process to a broader audience. The Loomstate for Target collection will show women and men that beautifully designed, affordable and naturally alluring clothing can also be environmentally friendly.” Now here’s a brand that will satisfy my taste for staying green and my green dollars.

The collection features 100% organic cotton fibers starting at $14.99.


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  2. Hi,

    A marketing scheme?

    Good call!


    Phil M. Edwards

  3. thank U naka

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