There is No Eco-Brand that exists.

smile_shirt_p1I had to share this. This is a link to another blogger’s post about Lika Volkova, the designer behind SANS clothing. She does not claim to be an eco-brand but probably is the closest thing to it and her concept is awesome. The SANS website sells digital patterns and instructions. So you pay for the digital pattern, and make your own clothes. I personally have never heard of this concept, but what a great idea!

It might not be for everyone, but for those who know how to sew this would be great, and it really does seem easy enough.  The clothing is definitely different and very unique, not really for me, but I really like the home made shirts and her concept on eco-brands.  She says there is NO eco-brand that exists. Check out the video in this post.

I think she’s very innovative, and I’m not just saying that just cause we are from the same mother land. 😉


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