Straight to Wavy Hair in 25 Minutes

I was born with stick straight THIN hair.  When I decided to grow my hair long, it of course got on my nerves because of the limited time I had to style it and I would always end up putting it in a clip or ponytail. I was also sick of the same old hairdo when I went out (straight and parted to the side)…I needed to change it up.  I went shopping at Ulta and came across a beauty tool that transformed my hair beyond recognition.   It was a godsend and perfect for people like me with thin hair!

The Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron is easy to use (think of the same skill level as a 1987 crimper) and my hair holds the curl ALL DAY.  If you are looking for a new style check your local Ulta, Target or  I included some before and after pics from my trip to Las Vegas



3 Responses

  1. where can i get a real crimper like this? not the old crapppy kind.?

    • Hi Erma,
      You can get the waver at any Ulta cosmetic store (ulta is a major cosmetic store in Illinois-not sure if you have one by you 😦 ) . You can also search for it.
      Let me know if you have any luck and how you like it!!

  2. woah you have 2 different color eyes!

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