In Memory..Michael Jackson

I had to post a memorial about the King of Pop-Michael Jackson.  He was a musical genius and he changed my life from the moment my older sister got the “BAD” album when I was just 6 years old.  The more MJ I heard, the more I liked.   I rock to “Thriller” every Halloween and I danced at my wedding to “P.Y.T.”  My husband laughs at me to this day for the look on my face in a pic, when I got the  “Black or White” cassette tape on Xmas.  A lot of memories stay with me through music and my life would not be the same without Mr. Michael Jackson.

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson!

August 29th, 1958-June 25th, 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute Playlist

P.Y.T                      Thriller                    Black or White

Rock With You         Man in The Mirror         ABC (Jackson 5)

The Way You Make Me Feel                Smooth Criminal              Human Nature

Beat It                     Bad                           Scream (w/ Janet Jackson)

The Girl Is Mine               Remember The Time           Dangerous

Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough          Leave Me Alone           Billie Jean

You Are Not Alone                You Rock My World             Say Say Say (duet w/Paul McCartney)

Dirty Diana               We Are The World                  Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

The best Michael Jackson Video, “Thriller”

Some of the joy Michael Jackson brought to me Christmas morning1992

Despite the controversies that some people are focusing on with Michael Jackson-I am not going to focus on that stuff.  He was a legend and I am a fan.  RIP MJ! My prayers are with your family, friends and most of all your children.


6 Responses

  1. Dear Michael,

    I wish I could have met you and though I never did, I always loved you and always will. America thanks God for the time that he allowed you to be here on earth. You were the best entertainer who ever lived. Heaven has truely gained a very special soul. Take your rest, for you try your best to show everyone love and kindness.I hate the media for how they tried to bring you down, especially ABC.
    The media is to blame for your death just as much as anyone. They are still speculating, on everything about you.
    They just would not left you be the superstar that you were, they had to try and tear you down continuously and God said, that’s enough. No matter what I will go to my grave knowing that your death is on the media’s head. May you rest in peace.
    May daughter Monique Brown in heaven with you and God, she loved you in life as well as so I hope you get to meet her, she was also very special. God rest your soul. R.I.P / FOREVER

  2. Yeah. MJ’s Ben and YOu are not Alone mark my heart. That songs I do really love and listen always. Michael Jackson have a great contribution to the music industry. His songs remain Alive. Rest In Peace MJ. Even we feel sadness now but let us Entertain with his touching musics and also enjoying how he do his moon walk. I can’t do moon walk, it makes me feel pain. Tell you frankly, because of moonwalk I was stumble down and break my newly bought Automatic Fashionable Maurice Lacroix Watch.

    • He is probably the best entertainer we will ever see in our lifetime..I still haven’t seen anyone compare..Thank u for your comment!

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