Key Pieces to Your Wardrobe

Key to Open Doors

What are the key pieces in your wardrobe? I know the presentation may seem dull with a strong favoritism of black and gray, but remember these are the “KEY PIECES.” I absolutely agree with livening your closet up with some color and current fashion, but these are the items that are timeless and you can continue to mix and match regardless of the year.  Start off with a blank piece of  paper and make your shopping lists!

  • Jeans: Ladies spend your money on jeans. Aside from a substantial weight gain or pregnancy you will keep your jeans the longest out of any other clothing item you own. Denim is one of the sturdiest fabrics around.  Jeans are everyday wear and you can afford to splurge on this key piece. I love my LC by Lauren Conrad jeans from Kohl’s. I would suggest getting a variety of washes/colors. You do not need 10 pairs of jeans! Get 3-5 pairs of the ones that are most flattering & comfortable.
  • Black Shirt: A must have for any wardrobe! The cliché “black goes with everything” is the truth. SAVE your money on this item. You will go through many black shirts and you can have more then 1 (casual and chic). Black shirts are not by any means rare and you can find deals.
  • White Shirt: Another item to save your pennies on. Like the black shirt, you will find varieties of white tees everywhere. The problem with white tees is if you wear deodorant, the yellow pit stains will eventually appear after you’ve owned the shirt for some time. You will need to accept that this piece will be replaced over time.
  • Little Black Dress: An “LBD” will never let you down. Go for a flattering, flirty and timeless style. You can always dress this item up with a an outrageous shoe or accessory or dress it down with flats and a mini jacket.  This is a great item to have for last minute event or a planned cocktail party.
  • Black Leggings: Some may consider leggings  a trend, but for the price of ’em why not keep a pair even if they go out of style? I saved a pair of mine from the early 90’s and actually wore them when leggings became popular again.
  • Button Down Cardigan/Wrap Sweater: This is essential for the working girl! I freeze in my office when the air conditioning is on, with my cardigan-I look professional and stay warm.    A cardigan/wrap sweater is also a great cover up for when you are feeling bloated.  Old Navy has a killer collection to choose from with very reasonable prices.
  • Dress Pants/Slacks: Even if your job does not require you adhere to  a business professional dress code, it should be mandatory to have at least 2 pairs of classy dress pants in your wardrobe. I would stay with the neutral colors that match everything.  My favorite dress pants come from Express. They have a huge variety to choose from and the quality is fantastic.
  • Black Blazer: I know, I know, black again?!?!  Yes, black again.  I bought an amazing black blazer from Kohl’s (LC by Lauren Conrad) for about 70% less then what you would typically spend for one. I wore it to a client meeting paired with my black dress pants, button down shirt and voilà: I had a matching suit! The weekend after that I wore it in the freezing Chicago weather over my tunic top & leggings. You will find multiple uses for this and it will last you a LONG time.
  • Multi-Colored Shirts/Tee’s: When you find a shirt you love, buy it in multiple colors! You have to have some color in there 🙂
  • Workout Gear: Whether you workout or not; it is never too late to start, and for the low key weekends on your couch; you can still look cute in casual wear. Yoga pants are my favorite pants on the planet.   I workout & lounge in them. Also invest in a hoody or cute sweatshirt for the chilly spring/summer nights where a jacket is not necessary
  • Accessories: Girl essentials: Black & Nude Bras (push-up/strapless), Black & Nude Nylons, White Socks, Dress Socks, Gold & Silver Hoops, Diamond and Pearl Earrings. Where can you go wrong with these items?  Over the years you will have the need for them (more then once)

You could definitely add or remove from this list.  I am not an expert so there are a few books I would suggest for more great ideas to expand your wardrobe and open your eyes to different styles. The Bombshell Manual of Style by Laren Stover and InStyle Secrets of Style by the editors of InStyle.

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