Thank You, Gracias, Danke, ありがとう(How to say “Thank-You” in a Card)

As I prepare to write close to 100 Thank-You cards for my daughter’s 1st Birthday, I get overwhelmed with gratitude.  I am truly a thankful person and the generosity of others amazes me.  The problem when I write thank-you cards is that I write too much, they take forever and I never end up sending them which is completely embarrassing to me. It is so important to give thanks!  A few tips/tricks I am using for this go around:

  1. I wrote on the back of each card who gave Reese what, it is important to personalize the thank-you card.
  2. I am for the first time, making address labels and return address labels (in the past these were hand-written)
  3. Keep the message of thanks simple, but genuine
  4. Address the giver, express thanks, say how you are enjoying the gift and give regards
  5. MAIL asap
If you were raised old-school, you know how important manners are.  It also feels good to tell others that you appreciate what they do and that’s why it matters to send out these little notes of “thanks.”

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