Circus Themed Birthday Party ~ My nugget turns 1!

I love party planning. When I have a party to plan, I take it very seriously, and go crazy over details. Most people are not like that, but I just can’t help it. So when my son’s 1st birthday was coming up, it was another excuse to throw a party!

He’s my summer baby, which means I can do pool parties and celebrate outside (very exciting to a resident of Chicago!) So we decided to do just that, and make our backyard into a circus. Once my theme was picked, I started making my cupcake toppers, invitations and getting circus themed decorations. I had circus themed games planned for the kids, but with our pool, water balloons and the slip and slide, the kids were too busy to play any games.

Now I must say that all the decorations I created myself were inspired by (which I love)…. and I hope I don’t get in trouble for using her designs… but I’m a graphic designer by trade and I put my skills to work. But she does sell on and there you can get cupcake toppers, invites and more.

When I party plan, I search the internet for ideas and inspirations, so I decided to do this post and share pics to maybe inspire someone else. Here are some of the pics from the party.

The cupcakes are from Meijer, and believe it or not these are some of the tastiest cupcakes I have ever had!!! Sure you can go to a fancy bakery and spend a fortune, but if your a baller on a budget, I highly recommend Meijer! Get the whipped icing… so yummy!!!!

The favors I gave to my guests. I ordered the clown bags at along with other decorations and candy I used in my display. The Cracker Jack boxes are from Amazon. I filled up the bags with candy and used my hot glue gun to attach them to the cracker jack boxes. Super cute, and inexpensive favors!


My father-in-law, in full character!



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