Serial Thoughts and References

I have come to the conclusion that Adnan is innocent and there has not been a podcast, interview, comment or thread that has swayed me from that belief.

I’ve heard opinions that Sarah Koenig and the Serial team have shown bias. “Jay was painted a criminal while Adnan was strongly favored in the series” and I overall disagree with these opinions.  By the end of episode 12 I feel like we are left to consider that either Adnan is guilty or has really bad luck. This did not sit well with me. Contrary to what many believe I thought Serial was the hardest on Adnan.

Here are some of my thoughts/questions:

  1. The Anonymous Call was Jay disguising his voice or a 3rd Party to the crime. (Remember I believe Adnan had zero involvement in the murder, so the 3rd party is someone completely new).
  2. Why are there so many calls between Jenn and Jay on the day of the murder?
  3. Jay & Jenn’s role is far more involved than what the court, their interviews, and the podcast present.
  4. Jay & Jenn’s motive? Hae was going to tell Stephanie that Jay was cheating. This motive is enough.
  5. Jay details how Adnan talks about the killing, but Jay can’t provide the most important detail/events that led up to the crime which is how Adnan managed to get in Hae’s car after witnesses saw her alone after school. This is one of my biggest concerns of all. If Adnan trusted Jay to detail the actual kill, wouldn’t he walk him through the events leading up to the actual murder? It doesn’t make sense that this giant chunk of information is left out.
  6. Adnan doesn’t have his car or cell phone. Did he run after Hae down the road after school? Did he wave her down on a corner? How did he get away from the school to meet up with Hae so quick without a car? And NOT one person saw them together?
  7. Why doesn’t Jay ask Adnan to help him clean the shovels used to bury Hae?
  8. Why doesn’t Jay talk about what Adnan wore the night they buried Hae? Does Adnan still have those clothes?
  9. Stephanie: PLEASE COME FORWARD. Jay alludes in his interview with the Intercept that Stephanie is naive and maybe doesn’t fully believe that Adnan committed this crime. This speaks volumes. Read Jay’s 4th Story Change here.
  10. There was a guy on Reddit who tried to come out and say Adnan is a sociopath, that he knows him well. This man is the ONLY man aside from Jay and the police who really point the finger at Adnan. Why aren’t there more Woodlawn students to come forward to support Jay? It always stuck out to me that Deidre tells SK, “You aren’t that lucky to get the charming sociopath.” I don’t think SK is that lucky either.
  11. Adnan’s Memory & Silence. Adnan has been in prison since he was 17. Please picture him as innocent. If Jay’s story frames or sets Adnan up and there is no truth to it, can you imagine how distrusting and scared Adnan must be to say anything at all in fear of it being used against him, misconstrued or out right set up?  If you review the inconsistencies in this case, Adnan most likely feels that speaking can only do him harm. I also believe he is afraid to implicate or impose any theories as if the finger gets pointed at a new (innocent) party-Adnan would not wish what happened to him to happen to anyone else. He must be extremely paranoid not from guilt but from corruption of the actual guilty parties and/or police that he may wrongly assume/accuse someone by sharing his true thoughts.

The above are questions I ask myself all the time, but after asking these questions I did a Google & Twitter Search. I am so excited to introduce you all to Susan Simpson.  If you thought SK provide a thought provoking and thorough review of the case, well then you are in for a pleasant surprise when you read the inconsistencies that Susan has discovered. Aside from being brilliant, she writes her blogs in terms that I can follow and understand. Click below and prepare for your mind to be blown.

Serial: Phone Records, Bank Records, and Alibi Witnesses

The good news does not stop there. Rabia Chaudry has worked endlessly to answer fan questions without compromising the case and her blog “Split The Moon” is another great reference point. While one can argue both Susan and Rabia are Adnan supporters and of course they would write in favor of his case; you need to remember that their findings are based upon fact. Whether they support Adnan or not, they are on to something and its BIG.

I have also come across a Woodlawn teacher’s blog. This finally puts a face to Stephanie and some other names in the podcast. It is very cool to read their perspectives and connect some of the names we’ve heard in the podcast back to Woodlawn. Can you imagine being a teacher there with all this hoopla surrounding their school?

I want to end this blog by saying I am extremely sensitive to the pain & difficult feelings this brings to all parties involved in the case. I strongly believe that the wrong person in is prison. That in itself is also a tragedy.  Hae does deserve justice and I would rather her be here to tell the story then for me to speculate on a blog. IF the correct person is in prison, we lose nothing by further investigating this because he did not receive a fair and unbiased trial.  Put yourself in Adnan’s shoes and try to think how you would feel if this was the way your trial went down and remember he was only 17 when he went to prison. If there is any small chance you believe in his innocence-we need to continue to advocate for him.

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