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From the distinctive takes on today’s fashion trends to shocking girlfriend gossip, a group of close-knit friends have created the Lush360 blog with young women in mind. We reveal all of our own secrets on how to stay happy, keep laughing, embracing your personal style and staying trendy without breaking the piggy bank! As young professionals we thrive to over achieve not only in our careers but also in our personal lives. We believe that we are always learning and our friends are the people we count on for the best advice on any subject. We want to welcome you all to our “girl talk” where there is no limit to the topics we touch on!


Karina ~ Born in Minsk, Russia, Karina grew up in the Chicago land area from the age of 8. As a youngster, Karina spent her time tracing models from a Victoria Secrets catalog and creating her own illustrations of clothes while daydreaming of becoming a fashion designer. Always having the love for art she is now making ends meet as a graphic artist, while somewhat fulfilling her childhood dream by blogging about fashion. Loves to dress up, tease her hair, wear make up, travel and lay in bed with her 1 year old daughter and husband.

krissy3Krissy ~ Born in Des Plaines, IL ; Krissy grew up with a heck of an imagination. She always had a story to tell and dreamed of being a writer. There were defining moments in her life and one of those moments was meeting her Lush360 counterparts. Their friendship opened her eyes to adventure, better fashion, hysterical laughs, ambition and a bond that will never break. Krissy loves working on the Lush360 blog and always has a new topic to rant about. She loves to joke and play pranks with friends, family and coworkers. She currently works as an Account Manager for a Corporate Housing Company and was married to her childhood neighbor and crush in October of 2008. She enjoys spending time with her husband, family and friends whether it just be lazing around or hitting the clubs all night.

FabiolaFabiola ~ Birth name is Fabiola but she goes by a few names, Faby (fâbee), Fab or Fabulus but her favorite is mama. She was given light in Mexico but grew up in between of Chicago and the burbs where she is now raising a family.

The arts have always been a passion of hers. Fabiola was always thinking outside of the box. From cutting her own hair at a tender age of 2 to ripping apart her Barbie’s clothes and making her own version of their outfits. Some things never change she still rips outfits apart and makes it her own. Fabiola has always been a trendsetter and she never followed the pack. With her direct personality she never holds back on expressing her thoughts, she tells it how it is.

Today she works for a multi-million dollar company as a video producer/editor. With her background as a graphic artist she finds self-expression on every project she creates.

LisaLisa ~ I’m not a fashionista…I don’t consider myself a trendsetter either. So who am I? I’m a girl who doesn’t believe you have to sacrifice your personal style to fit into corporate America. I believe in versatility in the closet, so that’s what I look for when I’m out shopping. I’m young and broke, so you won’t find any designer names in my closet, but what you will find are clothes that fit well, flattering to my body figure, and reflective of my personality. I like what I like, and I’m on a budget! I look forward to sharing my fashion finds with you and I hope that you find them just as cool as I do.

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