We Gonna Party Like It’s Your Birthday

One of my best friend’s and lush360 counterparts birthday is coming up! What does this mean? An excuse to go out and party like it’s 1999! For those of us who have little ones at home and going out is a rare occasion, can really understand my excitement! So while the event is still about 2 weeks away, the online window shopping and the “what are you going to wear” discussions begin. You all know what I’m talking about ladies!

While I tell myself I am not going to buy anything new and just wear what I have in my closet… I can’t help but browse!
Out On The Town

Color Me Mellow Yellow

The official “It” color of Spring this year is yellow, from a greenish-yellow to banana yellow. While there are plenty of tops and dresses in this sunflower hue, the easiest way to wear bright yellow is to pick it up in bracelets, belts, bags or other accessories.


what [NOT] to wear to work!


In corporate America when did casual Fridays become every day wear?  As I leave a meeting I noticed a few articles of clothing walking past me that should not be in the work place.  I started to think, what the hell are they thinking wearing that to work, have they not read the dress code policy? There is a time and place for everything but wearing any of these items to work even on casual Fridays are a BIG NO-NO!

1.  Flip-Flops – There you are focused on your project and “SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP!” as someone walks by your office.  There is a reason why they’re not allowed in the office, they are just TOO DAMN LOUD. Lets keep these at the beach and not in the office.

2.  Sweats/sweat outfits – J.Lo may have made these fashionable like 8 years ago but they are a no-no.  If you are comfortable in what you’re wearing while sitting on your couch watching TV you should probably not wear it to the office.

3.  Ripped Jeans – From exposing a knee or an ass cheek, ripped jeans are not acceptable.

4.  Navel Tops – Need I say more?

5.  Shorts, Mini Skirts – As hot as it may get, chances are the air conditioning is blowing away.  Rule of thumb, never wear anything 1” above your knees to work.

6.  Muffin Top – Not flattering.  Not only does it make you appear larger than you actually are, muffin tops are uncomfortable to sport and to look at.

7.  Cleavage – Keep the girls packed and locked away and in the bedroom.

8.  Strong Perfume – If you want to let someone know you’re coming,  set up a meeting.  Don’t make a bold statement with your choice of scent.

9.  Bright Colors – when in doubt wear neutral colors. This means your make up too.

The bottom line:  Your appearance can keep you from getting hired or be the reason for you getting fired.  From slapping your heels to looking too sexy they are not corporate looks and neither are toes. Lets keep it classy.  Here is an outfit that would be acceptable to wear on casual Friday’s.
casual_friday_wear[photos:gettyimages.com | polyvore.com | gettyimages.com]

Bag Lady

Today’s online window shopping.


Fits Me Like a Glove

There are many styles of dresses that I love. And while I may love them, doesn’t always mean that style is for me, as mentioned in my previous post.

I’m a girl that has curves! And I like clothes that shows them off while still being flattering to my body. I get my inspirations from celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé!



These girls are bootiliscious and they made having curves HOT HOT HOT, and I love them for it! And not only do I admire their embracement of their full figured frames, I love the choices they make to show it off (Kim Kardashian & Jennifer Lopez more so then Beyoncé… she sometimes makes some dreadful choices!).

I also get inspired by 50s Pin-Up fashion. But this deserves a post all of it’s own. I was going to write about it here, but I have too much to say, so I will leave that to another time.

With that said, I love curve hugging, classic looks. When I shop for a dress, I want to be able to look back at the pictures of me wearing it 10 years from now and still say that dress was HOT. So I tend to not wear dresses that are per say “trendy”… but timeless. Well I shouldn’t say never, but at least for those big life occasions, from my own wedding dress to a dress I wore to my daughter’s baptism, I go for Continue reading