Dear Ms. Lohan, You are a HOT MESS, but I love that dress!

Where did the talented and adorable actress from the 1998 remake of Parent Trap go?  She rocked that english accent like nobody’s business and had gorgeous red locks of luxury.  What was there not to love? I was super bummed when I came to the realization that there was only 1 of her when she acted her little heart out as twin girls trying to get her divorced p’s back together in a captivating performance (in my opinion she was just shy of an Oscar 6 years later the actress reappeared in Mean Girls and was an instant “it” girl in Hollywood. Men wanted her and women wanted to be her (both a little scary since she was only a teenage girl) She was beautiful, healthy and greatest of all a real-life “ginge.” She joined the elite Ginge Hot List (members also include Wilma Flinstone, Shaun White, Prince Harry, Lucille Ball etc…). Talented Ginges are RARE to come by, hotter ginges are even more rare. The world fell in love with Lindsay overnight. Sadly the put together LL fell apart as quick as her rise to the top.  A downward spiral of events from anorexia, DUI’s, partying, drugs, relationship probs, rehab, lawsuits, jail and the most current grand theft case plagued LL. One of the worst changes of all, LL took that gingery hair and turned it blonde.  This girl can’t catch a break, but does she deserve one? Definitely not my place to decide! On a serious note I do wish well for Ms. Lohan and hope she can pull it together and get back to the “Mean Girl” years of her career. Frankly this blog is dedicated to the amazing and popular white dress she wore to court on Wednesday.  Peeps are in a frenzy for this Kimberly Ovitz mini-dress and apparently it is sold out and doesn’t even become available for a couple months.  I don’t think its as big of deal as others may think that she wore it to court, I mean what’s the biggie?  Out of all the things LL did, people are shocked by a dress? LOL Amazing what we focus on. Anyways here is a pic of LL (at a healthy weight) in the form-fitting Basic Instinct-esque frock.  Although Ms. Lohan appears to be a hot mess, I do love that dress!