Think Outside the Box!

amayaMy 15-month-old daughter Amaya is not just my little fashionista in training but she is also musically inclined, at least my hubby and I like to think so. At the very least our little girl’s got rhythm! My husband swears it’s the Hispanic in her (he’s Colombian) and I say it’s the Russian in her! (Have you seen those Russian dancers on So You Think You Can Dance!)

Ever since she was about 6 months old she would start dancing to any music that she heard. But one of her favorite songs is the theme song to Showtime’s Weeds, another favorite of hers is the theme song to HBO’s Big Love. Every time she hears these songs, she stops what she’s doing, runs up to the TV, and starts wiggling her butt to the beat. I hope her choice in music does not indicate that she will become a weed-smoking polygamist, but rather that she just appreciates a catchy melody.

So as I was playing “Little Boxes” for her to calm her down from one of her tantrums, I was inspired to write a post about it. The theme song to Weeds is “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds, although there are several versions that the show uses by different artists. There’s even a Russian version of it, which I was totally excited about.

The reason why I’m sharing this with you, is because if you listen to the lyrics, it’s very inspiring. I really “got it” after watching the intro a million times when my hubby and I rented the first 3 seasons one weekend. It inspires you to think and be outside the box… OR it may just make you depressed because you will realize you ARE whom the song is about.

If that is the case, I’m hear to tell you try and spice it up a bit to get out of the rut. Try something different! Weather it be your wardrobe style, daily routine or the little things like getting your coffee at Dunkin Donuts when you ALWAYS go to Starbucks! If our life becomes too predictable, it will become boring. Everyone needs a little adventure in their life. Check out the youtube video of the intro below to see what I’m talking about:

Another great way to change it up a bit is saying “yes” to things you normally would say “no” to. For example when your coworker asks you to go out after work for hump day, and you normally say “no” because that’s the day LOST is on, next time just be a dare devil and say YES! (But make sure you set your DVR to record LOST cause that’s a good ass show!) Anyone see the movie Yes Man with Jim Carey??? It’s an okay movie, but has a great message! “YES is the new NO”