ETSY here I come!

logoFor those of you who are not familiar, Etsy is this incredibly cool site that enables people to sell handmade things. You can find anything from pottery, jewelery, paintings, or clothes, to tutus for children. The sellers are creative individuals who are trying to make a living doing what they love, from stay-at-home-moms, to up and coming fashion designers. You can find absolutely anything and everything, and it’s different and unique. There are some talented people out there!

So I decided to have a crack at it. Check out my own personal boutique at where I offer Invites for every occasion. Showers, birthdays, announcements, ext. I have only a couple up, but stay tuned cause a lot more is coming!

Killer Lashes for Less!!

At my wedding this past October, I wanted my make up to look perfect! I played around with the idea of getting false eyelashes applied professionally, but I was worried about them falling off during the ceremony in an embarassing moment. The morning of the big day, I talked to the make up artist and she assured me the lashes would stay on all day, so I moved forward with getting them applied.

It was a great decision on my part! The lashes looked flawless and I was amazed at the difference it made to the appearance of my eyes. I actually became slightly obsessesed..LOL. I washed my face SO carefully the next day so my lashes would remain intact and THEY DID! I didn’t even wear make up the entire next day, but the lashes gave the illusion that I was wearing make up. Here is a pic of me in August with just eyeshadow, mascara and my natural lashes . The picture on the right is from October with NO make up (but more tan) and false lashes.

When my false lashes finally came off after 5 days, I already couldn’t wait to the next time I could get them applied. I got the lashes applied for $30 at Mario Tricoci Salon for my wedding, and I realized I could not afford to get them done weekly or even once a month. I decided to do some research on my own. I was shopping at Target and Continue reading

You Can Pay For School but You Can’t Buy Class!

Wedding Guest Etiquette 101

noclass_tshirtOne of my all time favorite lyrics is from the king of hip-hop Jay-z, HOV.

“You can pay for school but you can’t buy class!”
Swaggers like Us remix

After listening to this song it gave me the idea for this very important post. Having the honor of being a part of my three dear friends wedding party and attending more than a couple dozen weddings I have learned a lot on how to be the best wedding guest I can be. I was thunderbolted and disturbed to hear some of the guest stories my blogger counterparts and work associates had to say about some of the behavior their wedding guest had. So I’m going to cover the basics on how to be a classy and not TACKY wedding guest. You’re behavior at a wedding may be expressing more than you think about yourself! So listen up and don’t forever be labeled as the “SUNDAY” guest. I reference un-classy people as SUNDAY cause on Sunday’s there’s NO CLASS!

When your friends or family get married, there are all kinds of wedding etiquette and rules that govern their behavior. But did you know there are rules for wedding guests too? To ensure that you don’t inadvertently commit a faux pas or do anything mistaken at a loved one’s wedding, follow these simple rules Continue reading