How an iPod Touch is changing my life….

On my 30th birthday my sisters, brother in law, aunt and mom all pitched to get me an iPod Touch and it’s changing my life.  I constantly have internal battles with myself on what I did prior to the “technology” era.  At times I find myself rushing home to go back on the computer instead of the gym.  I often think, “I should try to give up the computer for a couple a weeks and see how productive I could be.”  I never end up staying away from it, but I’ve been able to cut down on computer time.  You would think the iPod Touch would be another distraction; however it’s one of the best inventions of our generation and here is why:

I have had an iPod since the 3rd generation release in 2003. My days of carrying a discman & keeping large CD books in my car (making it a 3 time theft victim) were history! I LOVED my iPod.  It lasted me until 2007 when the battery pooped out.  At that time, I upgraded to the 5th generation and it has been in tip top shape for the past 4 years. When the iPhone, iPad & iPod touch craze was upon us, I thought it was “for the birds.”  Now that I have had 4 days with my iPod touch, I am in love once again and here are my TOP App suggestions and WHY the iPod Touch is changing my life.

Top Ten Apps & Why? 

10. Words with Friends: This is basically a Scrabble game between you and your friends. It keeps your mind sharp, builds your vocab and everyone enjoys some friendly competition. This app is FREE.

9. Nike + GPS: An app that tracks your runs, provides an interface to play “tag” with friends, a built in GPS and a “Challenge Me” Feature where you can constantly work to improve your workouts.  This is a MAJOR motivator and it is FREE.

8. Angry Birds: This is another FREE app and just an addictive fun game. It will be for our kids what Tetris was to us back in the day. While you’re waiting for a doctors appointment or the passenger in a road trip, I highly endorse this game.

7. CNN: In my adult years and in working in a corporate environment, it is extremely important to keep up with the top news stories of the day. This App is FREE and convenient to stay up to date on what is going on in the word.

6. Weather Channel: FREE. Who has time to wait for the weather to come on the news when getting ready in the morning. By a simple touch to the app you have your local weather available in seconds.

5. ESPN: A die hard sports fan has access to all sports, favorite team updates and stats & schedules. This will be such a time saver and available wherever I go (as long as Wi-Fi is available). FREE app.

4. Facebook: The more time I spend away from the computer the better.  When I sign on to Facebook on my computer I typically stay on for a while, but my initial objective is to quickly sign in to see if I have to get back to anyone or update anything. This app is a quick, user friendly, “need to know” information app for America’s favorite social network. I have already cut down a great deal on the time I used to spend on facebook. (FREE)

3. Mint.Com: A FREE app I am so excited to use.  I have not started on this app yet, but the reviews and demonstration I saw makes me so optimistic about getting my finances in order.  From what I can tell, this is like having Suze Orman on speed dial for financial advise.

2. Groupon: The company that is sweeping the country in often discounts to a subscribed group.  During the hard economic times Groupon is becoming a household name.  With the Groupon app you can be assured you will NOT miss out on the next best deal.

1. Calorie Counter & Diet Planner by MyFitnessPal: The app I am most excited about it.  If you are familiar with Weight Watchers, this app could be compared except it is ALL in One. You track your weight, activity, diet and the app will give you a pace to lose lbs. and keep up with healthy eating. I am on Day 4 and I look forward to the tracking.

All APPS were found on iTunes

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