My Life in the Fat Lane

I have been on a diet since I was 13 years old.  A kid actually called me fat when I was a size 2 in Jr. High and ever since that moment I have been striving for a more perfect body. I have tried the following to lose weight over the last 17 years: Dexatrim, cabbage soup diet, slim fast, Metabolife, Xenadrine, Hollywood Diet, Weight Watchers, HCG, Atkins, Cayenne Pepper Cleanse, & the Isogenix Cleanse. I even  tried my “hand” at throwing up after I ate (due to a rapid weight gain in highschool). That lasted about a day. (Good thing I never committed to that method) Most of the diets I tried-worked, but I could only adhere to the them for 30 days at the most and then I’d go back to overeating. Since I graduated highschool I have ALWAYS worked out and to be honest, I love working out. I was a great, healthy weight throughout my 20’s, the sad thing was-I didn’t appreciate it and still thought I could spare to lose a few lbs.  I would give the nuts I don’t have to be at the weight I was in my 20’s.  I ranged from 128-138 throughout my early 20’s and 138-154 in my late 20’s.   My clothes always fit and when they started getting tight, I would endulge in 2 day Hollywood Diet to lose 6-10lbs. Maybe this is how I ffffed up my metabolism so horribly.

I am 2nd from the left, (Red Skirt & Striped Shirt) at 128lbs at 23 years old

I got married when I was 27 in 2008. I was about 140lbs on the big day and I felt comfortable and confident with my well proportioned figure. Less then a year later, I received the surprising yet joyous news that I was pregnant with my first child. This was 30 days after I had tried the Cayenne Pepper Cleanse and lost 14 lbs. When I found out I was pregnant there might as well been a giant sign outlined in lightbulbs reading, “Eat As Much As You Want!” in front of me. 9 months of nurturin was interpreted as 9 months of gorging on whatever crappy food I could find.  By my 9th month of pregnancy, I had gained a whopping 68lbs and tipped the scales at 208lbs. At the time, I didn’t care! I thought, “hmmm. no biggie, I’ll be down to my size 6-8 jeans in no time after the baby is born” I thought breastfeeding was an automatic weight shedder and since all of my friends had gotten down to their pre-baby bodies after having their first children, why should I be any different? Wish the little voice in my head would’ve shouted, “WRONG! WRONG!”.

My Wedding in 2008 at 140lbs


7 Months Preggo (probably between 185-190lbs)

On May 12th, 2010 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Reese Marie. For years I had feared having kids.  The moment I saw Reese I felt a love I cannot describe and the reassurance that I was destined to be a mom. I didn’t care about weight or looks, I had my first born baby girl, I was in my own euphoria of happiness.


The Sorensen Family

Fast forward to 1 month after Reese was born, I had already dropped 20lbs and things were going as planned. 20lbs in 1 month sounded good to me. I figured at this pace, I’d be back to normal by the time Reese was 4 months. WRONG AGAIN.  After the triumphant 20lb shed, I started gaining weight at a rapid pace.  By the time Reese was 4 months I was back to my pregnancy weight  + 5 more lbs. WTF? I looked super swollen and I was convinced that I was suffering from a thyroid problem. ALERT: I don’t recommend self diagnosis because I spent the next 3 months trying to convince my doctor to give me a little pill that would magically make me lose weight. No go. She diagnosed me as having a vitamin D deficiency. The prescription was 2000 milligrams of Vitamin D a day and my weight gaining stopped (however I still wasn’t losing). She also prescribed a diet to prove that I could lose weight, I just had to work at it.  I am down 22lbs again, but I am still having trouble with my eating habits. I tried HCG for a little over 2 weeks and it was working, but I fell off for the simple fact that I am broke and couldn’t afford to order more supplies.

A picture of me after losing the 20lbs when Reese was born

The Sorensen Family (After I gained the weight back I had lost)

Now I still have 40-50 lbs to lose to get me where I am happy with myself.  I have a wonderful support system. My husband could care less what I look like. Him, my mom and sisters always offer to watch Reese when I want to work out which is usually 4 times a week. I have a best friend who is right there with me when it comes to the dieting schemes and we share stories constantly on what we can do better.  I also have this blog which helps me take some accountability for what I put out to the world. I hope in the next 6 months I can show you what I did to get me out of the fat lane and back to a healthy weight and happy mind.

My game plan right now is to continue with my Zumba classes for cardio, start a 2 times a week strength training program, and stop eating everything in site.  I need to get through my mind that food is nourishment, not a reward or a coping mechanism.  If I could finally commit to the right way to lose weight-I want to share it with you.  Keep your fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted.

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